December 3, 2020

2024-03-26 | 03:40:12

"truly impressed. i had such a difficult time dealing with so many sign companies. many way over priced. in the blink of an eye keystone signs has my sign installed for a very fair price."
October 29, 2020

2024-03-26 | 03:40:14

"Keystone Signs is a great business with quality work. I have used Todd for almost 10 years and each time the work has been fantastic.__Todd and his company are very reliable, friendly and you can trust them!__I highly recommend them for any job you need for your business!__Thank you!"
March 23, 2020

Denis Sutter

"Todd did an amazing job on the Habitat ReStore truck! Very helpful, professional and at a good price. We will definitely work with him again on our next project!"
March 17, 2019

2024-03-26 | 03:40:16

"Convenient and adaptable to my needs as well as quality work!!"
December 5, 2018

2024-03-26 | 03:40:19

"I get all my truck lettering done here. They are awesome. I would recommend them for any vehicle lettering!"
August 15, 2017

2024-03-26 | 03:40:21

"I can't say enough about the Keystone signs and the people there. They handled everything from beginning to end with pure professionalism. We (Cee Vee Vending) needed a header/sign for above the vending equipment at Brady's Run Park and I had talked to a few people about doing the job. Everyone was interested of course but only Keystone followed up with a bid in a timely manner. We have since used Keystone Signs for other projects as well. In most cases the materials or customized plastic light covers needed done before I even asked them to do them and they exceeded our expectations. They are first class all of the way."